SpiderFarmer since 1995

I’m still getting hammered as though hackers think breaking into this site is going to help them hack the light company that used the same name. I haven’t spoken to them, I don’t know how they got their name, or why they’d choose not to reach out to me if they wanted this one. But I registered SpiderFarmer as a domain in 1995, and as a corporation in Delaware not long after.

Multiple people have suggested that I should put affiliate links on this site that lead to that one, since I’m already answering support questions (by directing them to the other company), but I’m not about to do that until I can find time to talk to my intellectual property attorney.

So, if you are looking for the lights company: they have a hyphen: https://www.spider-farmer.com/.
If you are looking for all the content that used used to be here, well…thank the hackers who took it all down, and my hosting company who apparently did not keep the backups I’ve been paying for for almost 30 years. So, that’s fun.

Hackers: This is just a sandboxed wordpress. There is nothing here for you. There is no access to other systems, networks or databases. Even if you did get in, you cannot root or bot this install. It’s literally a sandbox on a virtual. Listen, wouldn’t you rather go hack some billionaires and distribute all the money to NGOs or something?

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