Sigh, reflections of webs past

I’ll be honest, I don’t have time to maintain or repair what’s missing from this site. It’s not like anyone goes to personal websites anymore. The web has become one giant commercial honey pot. Back in the early 90s, when there was still discussion about how the internet was going to operate; dotcoms were the domains that nobody wanted, because the pioneers didn’t want capitalism ruining everything. Which, I mean, is what capitalism does.

The web used to be so quirky and weird. Kinda like Austin used to be quirky and weird, and now it’s just filled with entitled wealthy people who have pushed all the weird out, because nobody weird can afford to be there. Same with the web. Labors of love are just that, but it’s an invisible labor.

Unknown artists, unsigned bands, really weird geocities sites. Was it ugly? Oh heavens yes. Was it entertaining, without being another branch of curated media? Yep. Were there black-hat hackers and nazis and (gasp) music being shared? Yeah. We still have those, but the weirdness, that’s become much harder to find.

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