Not the grow lights people

Hey y’all, I’m getting a lot of email for a grow light company that also has spiderfarmer in their name. (I should go look them up so I can redirect, but I’m busy right now.) I am not the grow light people. This domain has been mine since 1995, as can be verified by the internet archive. It was the 557th non-commercial website on the web. 😉

Some time ago, the site got hacked, and I lost almost 30 years of content, because my backups were corrupted, or on very old versions of windows and unix. I’m still trying to figure out what to put here, but I think I may use it to showcase some comics and other projects I’m doing with other artists and writers.

So, buy all means, feel free to come back and see what the next evolution will be, but it won’t be grow lights, because I live in Deep Red, Bible Belt, Puritanical, Handmaid’s Tale, Texas, and we don’t have legal weed. Because the GOP are morons and would rather cut off their noses than get a fun tax base.

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