Not the grow lights people

Hey y’all, I’m getting a lot of email for a grow light company that also has spiderfarmer in their name. (I should go look them up so I can redirect, but I’m busy right now.) I am not the grow light people. This domain has been mine since 1995, as can be verified by the internet archive. It was the 557th non-commercial website on the web. 😉

Some time ago, the site got hacked, and I lost almost 30 years of content, because my backups were corrupted, or on very old versions of windows and unix. I’m still trying to figure out what to put here, but I think I may use it to showcase some comics and other projects I’m doing with other artists and writers.

So, buy all means, feel free to come back and see what the next evolution will be, but it won’t be grow lights, because I live in Deep Red, Bible Belt, Puritanical, Handmaid’s Tale, Texas, and we don’t have legal weed. Because the GOP are morons and would rather cut off their noses than get a fun tax base.

3 thoughts on “Not the grow lights people

  1. I did indeed come for the lights, but I do find the history interesting. Sorry to hear of the hack. I’ll be back to see if you posted anything. Passion projects are always admirable, and being on a site that hasn’t been overloaded with ads and other commercial garbage is refreshing.

    Also, I think you’ve just inspired me to get back into html and the likes, so thank you… And actually, not that I even really expect a reply, but i’m looking to set up iot data logging/ timelapse site for hydroponics. I know very little, but I’m trying to change that. I’d love to talk to you about your set up if you’d be willing. I’m terrible with email, but I left it just in case. Otherwise, I’ll be checking back every once in a while. Thanks for accidentally choosing the same name a niche Chinese company chose decades after you

    1. Hey, thanks for dropping by! I would love to talk hydroponics if I knew anything at all about it. I’ve visited a grow farm in another state, and it looked complicated. They had stages; like stage one the baby plants had wind and full light, and stage two the lighting was less, but still had air circulation, and then a blackout room for the flowering stage, with light cycles at maybe 12 hour intervals? I’ll be honest I was so high. So. High. I don’t really remember the details. 😉

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