Well, this is a surprise

Somehow, all 25 years of this website just got wiped out. Server update, database crash, who knows. Yes, I have backups, and could go through all the work of putting everything back, but frankly, it’s a pandemic, the world is probably ending, and having my life’s work destroyed is just pretty on brand for 2020. So, this is a wordpress. It may or may not be what stays here. Who knows if any of us will stay here?

7 thoughts on “Well, this is a surprise

    1. Find the lights guys? I’m sorry, I don’t have their url handy, but iirc, it’s got a dash somewhere in the name; ie. spider-farmer? I’ll be honest though, I keep forgetting to look them up so I can put a redirect link on the front page.

  1. You should reach out to Spider Farmer LED Company and pitch this URL to them and make some $$$
    This page is Just a demeanor to there brand now…😞

    1. Meh. If they want it, they can reach out to me. But before it was hacked, I had 25 years+ of content here. This url was the 550th non commercial url issued in the world. It’s been my brand and email address since the 90s, so. 😉

  2. can you email me I have been looking for your email so I can send you some pics of my plants thanks Janette i san diego but from Green Bay!

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