Dear Hackers,

Why? Why on earth are you wasting time trying to brute force into a website that has nothing on it? It just seems silly. Listen, go hack Jeff Bezos and distribute the money around the globe. Play Robin Hood with all the billionaires you can find. You have my blessing. But seriously man, there’s nothing here. Even if you hack this WP front, it’s sandboxed, you can’t get to anything else, even if there was anything else to get to. The site got hacked last year, and I haven’t bothered to put anything back up except a notice that I’m not the grow lights company. So, seriously, quit hitting this server thousands of times. You’re like a cardinal that won’t quit running into it’s own reflection.

4 thoughts on “Dear Hackers,

    1. Nope, has been my website since 1995. I am not affiliated with the lights company, although someday I mean to reach out and find out how they got their name, cause I bet it’s a funny story like mine.

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